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We Do the Research for Your Job Search

jobsnearme.org is a platform created to help you find job vacancies within a 10-mile radius of your location. We do all the searching and you receive the job postings in your email. Simply share your location and Jobs Near Me will do it's job using geolocation.

Having a job close to where we live is something that few people can enjoy in big cities. There’s also the fact that recruiters look at proximity during the selection process. The closest you are to the workplace, the better chances you have to get selected.

jobsnearme.org was born with a mission to empower candidates & help recruiters to increase their productivity & save time. You can now register in less than a minute, and quickly receive tens of local job openings.

No Farther than 10 Miles in any Direction

Everyone likes to go to the supermarket or store nearest to their house, the same goes for work.

Simple, Fast and Interactive

We do all the searching and you receive the job listings in your email. Simply share your location and our A.I will do its job using geolocation.

We Do All the Searching

Having a job near home means living a better life, and now you can find one with little hassle.

More Productivity, Better Life

Jobs Near Me helps you leave all the commuting behind so you can enjoy more free time and have a better mind space to do your job well.

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